There was turmoil in the heavens. For reasons unknown to mortals, at some point even gods must die. After one such death, there was an open seat at the table of creation. A God was needed.
The demigods that want to compete for the seat must select mortal Heroes and summon them to Hierapolis. The Heroes will perform quests, spending six days and six nights preparing themselves before entering the Arena to fight to the death.
The demigod whose champion is left standing will be elevated to Godhood.”

In Theosis, you take the role of a demigod who looks to claim the right to stand among the Gods as an equal.
You first select your Heroes. They will complete quests for you, strengthening you with Powers. They will earn gold, buy Weapons and Armor, gain Artifacts, and visit interesting locations in the ancient city of Hierapolis. 
They have only six turns of preparation before entering the Arena and engaging in nine rounds of combat. At the end of nine turns there will be only one standing at the center of the Arena claiming victory and elevating his or her patron to Godhood.

Theosis + Godslayer Dragon Figure !!

85,00 €Τιμή

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